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Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward. Read an Excerpt. download. Look Inside. Read an Excerpt. download. Lover Revealed. A Novel of the download the Ebook: Kobo · Barnes &. Lover Revealed A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood (eBook): Ward, J. R. This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. If you own the copyright to this book and it is.

Both were quick learners, passing all rituals on their first attempt, although Moiraine had the benefit of a classical education in the Old Tongue and knew much of the politics and history of the world before she arrived at the Tower, whereas Siuan did not.

Nevertheless, credit must be given to Moiraine in her skill in the One Power. Siuan always took the lead between them, which surprised Moiraine at first, until she realized Siuan had been born to lead. She and Siuan become Accepted after three years and Aes Sedai after a further three years. This may have been one of the many sources of animosity that would emerge between the two women over the years to come. Interestingly, Elaida had always kept an eye on both Moiraine and Siuan, pushing both of them to live up to her extremely high standards and not allowing a single slip.

On this day, the Aiel War came right up to the banks of the River Erinin outside Tar Valon itself, where her uncle Laman had retreated with the remainder of his Cairhien forces. That day Moroso foretold that at that very moment the Dragon had been reborn on the slopes of Dragonmount not far away, and immediately fell down dead.

The Dragon Reborn , though necessary, was not the most celebrated of saviors; he was prophesied to save the world, and yet break it. The night before their raising, they tried to play a last prank on Elaida by sneaking mice into her bed.

Elaida caught them and made sure they were punished severely. It was around this time that several Sitters began insinuating that Moiraine should take the throne of Cairhien. This made her uncomfortable, and added to her motivation to escape the Tower the other being to search for the Dragon. At an unspecified time during her decade long search for the Dragon Reborn, she acquired an angreal , having been given permission from the Hall of the Tower, possibly through pressure on Siuan's part, as implied during their conversation in Fal Dara [8].

Their journey ultimately took them to Shienar and the Eye of the World , where Rand channeled consciously for the first time. Soon after, Moiraine knew she'd found the Dragon Reborn. Moiraine left Rand, with a small group to recover the Horn of Valere only to find him again after the Battle of Falme. After that Moiraine left Rand's side as little as possible. The only time she left his side again was during the events leading up to the fall of the Stone of Tear , when Rand snuck away to see if he could draw the sword Callandor and fulfill an important prophecy concerning the Dragon Reborn, or see if he was only a False Dragon.

Despite his success, Rand resented what he saw as interference and manipulation on Moiraine's part; though she seemed to be trying to help him, Aes Sedai are used to getting what they want, and keeping their plans to themselves.

Finally, after Rand's journey to Rhuidean in the Aiel Waste , the two managed to form a sort of compromise, with Rand agreeing to listen if Moiraine agreed to merely advise. While at Rhuidean, Moiraine had entered a ter'angreal that showed her hundreds of possible futures; furthermore, she knew that if she wasn't present at the docks that day, Lanfear , a Forsaken who was obsessed with him, might take control over Rand.

When Rand refused to kill Lanfear, even in his own defense, Moiraine took matters into her own hands. The twisted redstone doorframe from Rhuidean was present nearby, and Moiraine shoved Lanfear through it by tackling her, and thus joined her inside, ending the assault but presumably also both their lives: neither she nor Lanfear re-emerged from the doorway, which immediately caught on fire and began to melt.

Because she had altered her bond so that Lan would belong to another Aes Sedai instead of trying to avenge her prior to her visions beyond the doorway, and possibly because of Nynaeve , Lan left immediately, if not happily, to seek out Myrelle Berengari. Also, an important viewing of Min Farshaw 's alarmingly suggests that without Moiraine's help, Rand is doomed to failure.

She also promised to meet Thom again and provide him with information on who Gentled his nephew, and she sounded certain they would meet again. Thom, Mat, and one other would need to go to the Tower of Ghenjei , to access the realm of the Aelfinn and Eelfinn. Even then, their mission might not be successful. Moiraine wrote that to be successful, they will need to remember what they know of the game Snakes and Foxes.

What is known about the game, aside from the manner of game play, is that it begins with player saying, "Courage to strengthen, fire to blind, music to dazzle, iron to bind" while drawing a triangle with a wavy line through it in the air and that it is necessary to cheat to win. Using the method learned from Birgitte, they created an opening into the tower and entered.

They enter the land of of the Eelfinn and the Aelfinn armed with torches and Aludra's strikers fire , spear and shortswords iron , and flutes and a harp implements of music. They find themselves in a labyrinthine tower with strange halls and doors, but using Mat's luck they randomly find their way to the Chamber of Bonds where they find a barely conscious Moiraine.

Moiraine is trapped and suspended in mist. Thom frees Moiraine, and Mat is forced to bargain with the Eelfinn to leave with Moiraine and receive unbarred passage out of the world. Realizing the meaning of the Aelfinn's predictions, he gives up half the light of the world in order to save the world, which means giving up his left eye in order to save Moiraine.

The Dhestroyer Revealed. site Edition Verified download. My heart aches for Vishous and I'm so glad his book, Lover Unbound, is next. Hopefully, it will make me want to read other books in the series, as it's the last one I downloadd. In spite of wanting to know the answers to those questions, I'm disturbed by the continuing use of the Lord's name in vain. The constant change in the point of view POV is giving me whiplash. Sometimes the change in POV happened willy-nilly, often disrupting the flow of the book.

(ebook) Lover Revealed

I didn't like Marissa as well as I did the other mates. Butch is more than worthy of becoming a warrior but I don't know that Marissa is worthy of him. She constantly pushed him away.

In spite of her no longer caring about what the vampire high society thought of her, how could she let go of years of ingrained behaviour. It seems that she only accepted him because of his possibilities.

This is the story of Butch and Marissa. They were introduced in book 1, and have been appearing ever since. Vishous was able to remove most of it and heal Butch, but there is still something left. Some connection. Butch is awesome, he used to be a cop, but after discovering Vampires, he took to the life.

I mean she knows how much Butch loves her. Instead of talking to him about it and trying to come up with a mutually agreeable plan, like maybe using V, or possibly another friend, she just dematerializes and goes to Rehvenge to feed. Also when she know he wants to change she just immediately says. She has to know in something like that, if she forced a choice on him it would end up in resentment and that would sour the relationship later on.

They should have seen that the parents were nuts and stood up for him. So I say he is better of with Vishous and the brothers. Then Marissa does it again after the Scribe Virgin tells Butch and Vishous about how they were meant to find each other so the light can benefit the dark and how Butch is now the Dhestroyer. I am really hating her, but I love the book because I love Butch and V so much.

They are completely awesome.

The storyline about John is coming along as well too. He is still suffering about what happened to him in that stairwell of the building he was crashing in before Wellsie found him. He even beat up Lash for ragging on him and one of the other guys after training one day. He thinks nobody will understand what he went through, especially Zsadist, since John saw Zsadist and Bella being so loving.

You know that is coming since they go on walks every night. Ward's cult-like following of fans of which I am one! Let me instead convey my opinions regarding what sets Ms. The vampire brothers of the BDB are warriors, committed to defending their vampire race against the Lessening Society, which would destroy it.

In this fascinating, incredible world, Ms. Ward has used our present day setting to incorporate races of paranormal beings who live side by side with us normal folk, but who minimize their interactions with humans so as not to be identified as different. Preserving the secrecy of their existence is of paramount importance to all of the supernaturals in Ms. Ward's world, and the constructs she builds for the societies of vampires, Lessers, and in later volumes in the series, other supernaturals, are detailed, rich, full-bodied, and interesting beyond description.

Every species the author invokes has complex social traditions and rituals, a full economic structure, and a political system which is steeped in the history of the particular species. The vampire lore, particularly, is incredibly complex and utterly thrilling.

We learn portions of their native tongue, the "old language", watch poignant, emotional ceremonies that surround their births, deaths, courtships, and marriages, and become completely intoxicated by their charm, power, sensuality, intelligence, loyalty to each other, and dedication to their race.

LOVER REVEALED is the story of ex-cop Butch given the choice to disappear from the police force and drop off the human map or die, after becoming aware of the vampire species and Marissa, the most regal, highly stationed and utterly lonely of all the vampire females, who longs to make an emotional connection to another being.

Their story is an edge-of-your seat emotional rollercoaster; we ride along with our hero and heroine, hoping they can shed the baggage of their pasts and their many misgivings, as they try desperately to find their happy ending.

Ward's typically complex layering of both plot and characters throws quite a few curveballs at Butch and Marissa, every one of them completely non-cliche and fascinating.

We learn that Butch has more of a role in vampire folklore than he realizes, and we hope that he stays alive to have the chance to capture his destiny. The sex is intense and smoldering, and it fits the story and the characters so perfectly that it is inspirational! This is Ms. Ward's strength: The audio version, narrated by Jim Frangione, is superior; he is able to voice gentle, lonely Marissa as beautifully as he voices the tormented, powerful, out-of-his-element Butch.

My recommendation: Both are part of my permanent home library. Please note: This serisis should be read in order!

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Put all the pieces together, awesome … Show more Show less. She and Siuan become Accepted after three years and Aes Sedai after a further three years. If you have not received any information after contact with Australia Post, please contact us to confirm that the details for delivery logged with us are correct.

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